Q and A!!!
By Montana Grant

Posted: April 19, 2018

Great questions make for great learning. It is always important to be your best at whatever you do. Here’s a few questions I have recently been asked.

Q; When is the best time to change your fishing line?

A; Fishing line is perhaps the most important connection between you and the fish. Old, frayed, or crappy line needs to be replaced before you fish. If there are knots, discoloration, or abrasion, the line is shot. If you fish a lot, an annual change is not too often. Keep you line, and gear, away from heat and sunlight. These factors are deadly to your line and rods. Dispose of old line properly. Many tackle shops will recycle it.

Q; What is the best fishing line to use?

A; Monofilament is a great choice for most fishing situations. There are other types and styles, but mono is my go to choose. Try using as light a line as possible. Make sure the line is on a reel with a decent drag to make up for this difference. Also try using colored lines such as Golden Stren, or Trilene in a Solar Green. This allows you to see your line, so you can improve casting accuracy and see bites quickly.

Q; What is the best rod and reel combo to use?

A; For more sporting fun use the lightest gear you are comfortable with. Lighter gear is more sensitive and allows you feel more bites. Longer, but sensitive rods, also help fighting fish. Quality gear is more expensive and a good investment in your time and enjoyment. Balanced tackle makes for smoother casting. If you buy rods of different sizes, try and keep the reels and styles similar. This way, no matter what reel or rod is used, they work, and feel the same. Whatever combo you select, remember that practice makes perfect.

No matter what gear, line, or tackle you select, make sure you take the time to enjoy it.

Catch a BIG ONE!!!!

Montana Grant

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