By Montana Grant

Posted: April 28, 2018

Spring turkey hunting is amazing. These vocal birds can be called into gun range and taste great. Turkeys are a downsized version of elk hunting. There’s just about 800 lbs. of difference. The thrill and tactics are the same but carrying a turkey out of the woods is way easier.

Turkey hunters often make the same mistakes when trying to bag this awesome bird. As the season goes on, birds get smarter and tougher to call. Successful hunters must adapt and modify their approaches. You may not have as many opportunities later in the season, but it only takes one Horny Gobbler to fill your tag.

Many hunters call too soft and too far. Be loud and get close! Late season gobblers can be more selective. Mimic the calls you hear. Camo is critical. Use a head net. Also try the HECS garments to reduce your electromagnetic signature. Sounds crazy but…

Try to call the birds up hill or along the same elevation. Birds coming downhill have a better view.

Gobblers are reluctant to cross a watershed when called. Position yourself on their side of the pond or creek.

When working a bird that has gone silent, stay ready. They often come in behind you and will circle. Waiting an hour, after calling, is not too long.

Sleep at camp, not when hunting. If you set out decoys and go to sleep, fate will place a gobbler in your decoy spread. Safety is important when using decoys. Stay alert.

Get to roosted birds quietly and well before daylight. I often clear my blind site ahead of time and make a natural blind. If you need a light to find your spot, use a blue, green, or red light sparingly. Be early, silent, and stealthy.

Expect to see a gobbler every time you call. Have confidence in what you are doing, and your calling.

The best gobble is the one at late morning. This is your money bird. The hens are on the nest and the Boss Gobbler is looking for a date.

Turkeys routinely travel a dozen or more miles a day. Use binoculars to look for birds along edges and sometimes smack in the middle of a huge field. The great thing about turkey hunting is that they will always fool you. Be flexible, observant, and ready to hunt when afield.

Cluck, Cluck, purr, purr!

Montana Grant

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