Stop tagging walleye, please
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: May 11, 2018

Fish, Wildlife and Parks is asking the person responsible for putting plastic Zip Ties into the jaws of Missouri River walleye to stop.

Over the past several weeks, FWP Region 4 game wardens have seen two walleyes with red Zip Ties in the fishes’ jaws. The fish were caught near the town of Cascade and just below Holter Dam.

In one case the plastic strip had grown into the fish’s jaw and created a deformity.

FWP has also received several other reports of walleye caught with the plastic strips implanted in their jaws.

“We don’t put jaw tags in fish anymore because it causes damage,” said Grant Grisak, FWP Region 4 fisheries manager.

“Whoever is doing it should stop,” he said. “It confuses the public, making people think FWP is putting the plastic jaw tags out. We are not. But some anglers might catch and keep a fish they normally wouldn’t, because they think we want the information or there is a reward or something.”