By Montana Grant

Posted: May 24, 2018

Kid fishing derbies are so much fun! There is nothing better than taking a herd of kids fishing and catching a boatload of fish! Everybody likes to catch a fish, and everyone can tell a story about their first fish!

The Bozeman Rotaract Club along with Ressler Auto held a kid fishing derby on Saturday the 19th. Rods were bending, kids were screaming, and fish were flopping!

The wind was also blowing, it was cold, and as always just fishing! If you wait for a perfect day to fish in Montana, you will wait a long time and catch no fish. Real Montanans go fishing when they can!

The East Gallatin Pond in Bozeman offers a perfect place for kids to fish. This spring fed pond was once a dump! The community moved the trash, created the pond and a trail network, then improved the perfect community park. When flocks of geese moved into the neighborhood, the Rotary club built an osprey best platform to address the invasion. Nature knows best!

The pond is home to Yellow perch, crappies, trout, largemouth bass, suckers, and bluegills. All kid friendly fish. Hundreds of kids cast their lines into the pond to hook up with a trophy.

Fish are just the excuse to go fishing. The hot dogs, snacks, prizes, and family fun are more priceless and memorable. Soccer Mom’s excel at taking their kids fishing. So many families enjoy this fishing adventure every year. The stories and photographs reflect the fun. Guides, experts, and just folks that like to fish brought out a herd of kids to do one simple thing, catch a fish.

Communities are built upon good hearted folks. Many of the anglers I talked with told me stories of their parents and grandparents taking a kid fishing. The Rotaract’s and Ressler Auto provided gear, bait, snacks, hot dogs, and a perfect venue for all to have fun! Rods, reels, goodie bags, raffle prizes, and fun were available for all to enjoy.

Fishing is the perfect metaphor for life, and a guidebook for parents. Fishing is about limits, rules, skills, regulations, making friends, and how to have fun. This addiction is healthy and lasts a lifetime.

Clubs like the Rotaract’s, and other local groups, understand the importance of helping our community. The simple act of catching a fish is all it takes to teach youngsters a new healthy hobby. It is not video and computer games, it is a worm on a hook, a rod, and a kid just having FUN!

Tight Lines and Big Smiles!!!

Montana Grant

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