Compete in the State Parks Challenge
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: May 31, 2018

Montana families and visitors are invited to participate in an outdoor contest this summer intended to connect more people with Montana’s State Park system.

The Montana State Parks Adventure Challenge is a new partnership between the Montana State Parks Foundation and Montana State Parks intended to encourage the public to explore Montana’s state parks and share their positive experiences through photography. The public is invited to participate by completing one or more of eight unique photo-based challenges found at between June 2 and September 2.

Montana State Parks Administrator Beth Shumate said the Montana State Parks Adventure Challenge is designed to reflect the large variety of ways that visitors can use and enjoy state parks across Montana this summer.

“In Montana, we’re extremely fortunate to have incredible parks that offer world class recreational opportunities to connect with Montana’s outdoors. Whether you like to hike, fish, camp, boat or explore Montana’s rich l, cultural and historic heritage, we have an Adventure Challenge for you,” said Shumate. “The Montana State Parks Adventure Challenge encourages the public to experience all 55 of Montana’s wonderful and diverse state parks this summer by participating in one or all of the adventure challenges.”

The Montana State Parks Adventure Challenge features prizes donated by Montana organizations and businesses supportive of Montana State Parks.  Sponsors of individual challenges include Simms Fishing Products, the Montana Office of Outdoor Recreation, Voices for Montana Tourism, the Montana Wilderness Association, Oboz Footwear, the Montana Trails Coalition, several businesses that provide Native American interpretive tours, Business for Montana Outdoors, and the Basecamp.

Coby Gierke, Executive Director of the Montana State Parks Foundation, says in addition to providing a fun way to explore Montana’s state Parks this summer, he thinks the Adventure Challenge will give people a chance to get involved in and support their parks.

“Every review ever conducted of Montana’s state park system has concluded that we need to build stronger partnerships and more state parks supporters,” he said.  “The Adventure Challenge is a fun way to help us build much-needed public support for Montana’s state parks.”

The Montana State Parks Adventure Challenge will formally launch on National Trails Day on Saturday, June 2nd.

What:  Montana State Parks Adventure Challenge Launch

When:  Saturday, June 2 at 12:45 pm


Where: Picnic Shelter, Lone Pine State Park, 300 Lone Pine Rd, Kalispell, MT


  • Montana State Parks Administrator, Beth Shumate
  • Montana State Parks Foundation ED, Coby Gierke
  • Montana Office of Outdoor Recreation Director, Rachel VandeVoort
  • National Trails Day Volunteers

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