Must Sound Like Pure Horror to Native Montanans (by Brad Smudzinski)
By angelamontana

This must sound like pure horror to any native Montanan.

82 million people in the same space as Montana.

That is the place in which I now find myself since I have moved to Germany as an Army civilian.

Montana at 147,000 square miles has a population of about 1.5 million and Germany with 137,000 square miles has 82 million!

I have been away but three months now and it hurts! Scrolling through my Facebook, or the photos on my phone reveals what an awesome time I had there for the past two and half years on Fort Peck.

Once as I was walking outside the Billings airport I passed that sculpture out there of a cowboy with his horse. I immediately was filled with a strange sense. It was almost as though I felt that I was born in Montana in a prior life and that there was no other place I was to be.

Back here in Germany I find too many people, too many cars, too many rules and regulations. What I don’t find are the wide open spaces, the unlimited hunting and fishing opportunities, or the openness of the people. I truly felt welcome there in Montana once people realized that I was a fanatical angler who loves to hunt waterfowl.

Here, I find no good waters nearby. I must drive 45 minutes to the Rhein river to have anything which does not truly just suck. I wrote previously about the insane costs to fish here so I will not belabor the point, but mention that I have spent well over $200 in a few months on a few fishing permits for various waters.

I have made one trip on the Rhine and caught a nice Wels catfish on a spinning rod.

I also made a trip to the best pike revier in Europe, the Bodden waters on the North sea in Germany. I managed several fish over 40 inches.

I have several kayak tournaments upcoming in Holland and on the coast and will keep you posted.

I hope your season is off to a great start.


Tight Lines,

Brad Smudzinski

Kaiserslautern Germany