By Montana Grant

Posted: May 19, 2018

Every fisherman wants to use the one perfect fly! Most of us do not care what fly it is if it catches fish. So what fly would you choose?

One Fly or now Two Fly competitions are becoming more popular. A judge rows the drift boat and the contestants get their special fly selection and try to catch as many fish a s possible with just one fly! These competitors better tie clean knots use decent tippet and know how to land fish while maintaining their special durable fly.

Fly guys can pick a streamer, nymph, or dry fly. Depending upon the time of the year, one will be better than another. Fly fishermen skills and confidence will also determine which fly to use. The budget of the angler is also a factor. If you tie your own flies, the choice is cheaper than if you need to purchase the flies.

Years ago, another guide and I chose one fly! We committed to using it all season long in different sizes and variations. A log of catches was kept, and we compared our success to other guides using everything in their fly boxes.

We selected the Royal Coachman as our “One Fly”! I know that trout primarily eat nymphs, so we tied a Royal Coachman nymph, streamer, bugger, you name it we tied a variation. All of our flies were the same colors and style of the traditional Royal Coachman.

It could be tied in all sizes, streamer style, and as a nymph. Sometimes colors could be mixed up and choices and decisions were simpler. What fly will be using today? A Royal Coachman.

Many trips allowed us to test our One Fly Choice. Other Guides thought we were crazy. At the end of the season, when the water cleared, and the catch numbers came to the surface, the Royal Coachman was on top!

What we found that the thing about the One Fly wasn’t the Fly at all. Using just one fly made us become better fishermen. Teaching others how to fish the one fly made us examine what it would take to make the One Fly work.

PRESENTATION was more important than the fly. This meant that casting, knots, leaders, reading the water, timing, and dozens of other factors made the One Fly become the right choice.

The One thing about the One Fly is that there is never just one thing!

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Montana Grant

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