By Montana Grant

Posted: May 20, 2018

Pruning shears are a great tool to carry afield. Carry a small pair on your belt or with your pack. Many come with a holster. You will be amazed at how often you will use them.

Back in the day, the “Multi-tool” was the thing to carry. As a teacher, I had one on me always. The thing I used the most was the needle nose pliers. I still carry one with me.

Pruners come in handy. One evening after work, I arrowed a nice buck. When I went to dress the deer, I discovered that in my haste to hunt, I had left my knife at home. My pruning shears were on my pack so… They worked fine, and I was able to make quick work of dressing the buck. I have also used shears to clean fish in a pinch.

Fishing offers plenty of “Shear opportunity”. Whenever you get snagged, remove the limb. If you see other lines in the tree, cut the limb and harvest the bounty of flies, hooks, or lures.

When walking along trails, or making a trail to your hunting stand, prune the branches away. Critters will also use the newly cleared pathway. You can also use them to loosen the occasional bolt, wing nut, or hardware that won’t budge.

Shears are a great cutting and multi tool for rope, sticks, or just about anything.

Be Prepared!

Montana Grant

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