2018 Canyon Ferry Walleye Festival – What will it take to win?
By Hookemharry

Posted: June 19, 2018
The Canyon Ferry Walleye Festival is taking place this weekend and the big money question for this years competitors is, how much weight will it take to win the tournament?

The past couple years, word on the water was that the winning teams were fishing mid-reservoir or in the river.

Here are the top 4 teams for the last two years:

2017 Canyon Ferry Walleye Festival – Top 4 Teams

  1. Colby Tognetti and Kyle Vine 37.5 lbs – $10,000
  2. Patrick Evanson and Justin Krieger – 34.34 lbs – $4,500
  3. Wayne Wilcox and Owen Wilcox – 28.83lbs – $2,500
  4. Trevor Johnson and Gary Cayko – 24.79 lbs – $1,500

2016 Canyon Ferry Walleye Festival – Top 4 Teams

  1. Ty Hinderager and Matt Fischer 46.14 lbs – $10,000
  2. Jake Monroe and Jeff Ingram –31.1 lbs – $4,500
  3. Whit Rush and Kris Kellar – 14.36 lbs – $2,500
  4. Jim Gillespie and Jim Muscat – 14.78 lbs – $1,500


I think its safe to say that the winning weight is going to be around 40 pounds. Meaning if a team can catch an average of 4-5lbs per walleye (5 fish per day) they will have a great chance of placing in this years tournament.

My prediction is the winning team will have a 2-day total of 48.65 lbs

Canyon Ferry Fishing Strategies

There are three primary ways that tournament anglers fish for Walleye.

A. Jigging


B. Bottom Bouncing


C. Pulling Crankbaits


Recent Canyon Ferry Pictures – Captain and Crew

The Captain and Catch Em Colin with a nice Walleye that the Captain caught Jigging with a Disco Lemonade Jig from Kit’s Tackle.


Catch Em Colin with a nice Walleye that caught Jigging.