By Montana Grant

Posted: June 16, 2018

Dan Baileys trout shop has a new young buck fly fisherman in town. His name is Morgan Hefty and he has his finger on the trigger when it comes to local trout fishing reports! Not only does he have a great report, he has a perfect name for a great fisherman! What fisherman wouldn’t want to be named “Hefty”.

I was mentored by “Lefty”, knew a lot of other common named fishing guys but… Hefty rocks! Way better than “Pig”, “Lunker”, “Hawg”, “Troutasarus”, “Lip ripper”, or “Bob”.

Morgan has an addiction! He is a trout fisherman, like the rest of us. All we ask is that you celebrate the sport ethically, honestly, and as true sportsmen.

Anyway, Hefty will be hooking me up with some relevant and honest fishing reports for all of us to enjoy.

Here is the Hefty Trout Report for this week!

Hyalite Creek (below the dam)

It’s all about the egg pattern right now since the cutthroat are spawning

Glo Bugs size 12-16

Egg size 14-18

Caught around 20 fish in an afternoon, getting up early is key because of its proximity to Bozeman. No dry fly action yet.


Gibbon River (upstream of Madison Junction in the park)

Hares ear Nymph size 14-20 caught a couple tiny browns and rainbows, it was all about the dries on Sunday. Beetle pattern size 10-12 caught around 20 fish between a friend and I in 3 hours.

All browns over 16 inches with a couple just over 20. Started out stalking risers we could see actively feeding them changed to blind casting and did very well on both. If we saw a fish rising it ate on the first or second cast.


This info is hot off the presses so enjoy the tips!

Montana Grant

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