By Montana Grant

Posted: June 23, 2018

When a Montana Women marries a Montana Man, there is more than love involved. Oh sure, the “I Do’s” are based on a loving attraction but the relationships born on the plains and mountains of Montana are way more.

Montana love is also about lifelong partnerships. Holding hands, a kiss, and a hug are important but both parties are asking “If this dog can hunt!”

The thing about Montana is the abundance of wild places and open spaces. These need to a part of the deal. If you don’t hunt, fish, trap, ride, shoot, hike, ski, bike, drift, love being outdoors, you better be a damn good cook and know how to reload and tie trout flies.

So now that we are married, what’s next? Plans better include hunting, fishing, trekking, skiing, camping, and loving each other in the outdoors. The whole point about sharing your life together is about what kind of sharing is on the menu. Staying home, going out to dinner, watching romantic Netflix may last for awhile but…

Netflix better have the hunting and fishing channel. Meals need to include wild game and meat. Winters are long, so you can cuddle then. The rest of the year needs to include some real outdoor adventure together. Family and friends are welcome, but everyone needs to pull their weight. We all bring a special skill to life’s rodeo.

The best planned adventures never happen as planned. There is always something that breaks, accidents happen, and weather can get crazy. When these events happen, you will truly learn what kind of partner you have. The stories will about how you worked together to tag that critter, shoot those rapids, survive that wreck, or simply survive together. That’s when you truly meet your life partner.

Survival is what Marriage is about. Overcoming the challenges and passing life’s tests are what Montanans do. Long, happy marriages are a result of patience, communication, reliability, skill, and a great sense of humor. We have each other’s backs. It may not always be perfect and pretty, but we always end up back at the trailhead or boat access together.

For richer and poorer, outdoors, afloat, during and after hunting season…

Montana Grant

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