By Montana Grant

Posted: June 7, 2018

The waters are beginning to drop! Snow is melted, and our summer fishing cycle is about to begin.

The key to the summer bite is temperature. When the water hits 55 degrees, the hatches should really take off. High water with some visibility can be very good fishing. Within a few weeks, the waters will lower and the hatches we love will explode.

Stock your fly boxes now. Organize you gear and scout your local waters. Start checking the most recent fishing reports from the fishing shops. Some shops are better than others at posting accurate and reliable information. Visit some shops and talk with them. Guides are still on the water daily. You can always catch some fish if you pay attention and craft your skills.

Keep you gear in the truck and start cruising the waters on your way to and from work. If you see the actual water, you will be better able to predict when the fishing will explode.

You do not need a drift boat to trout fish. There is plenty of bank to explore and the deeper, off color water invites trout close to shore where the food is. Lakes are a great idea. The water is clear, but cold. Most lakes are full to the brim and warming up slowly.

The more fishing you do, the better fisherman you will become. If you wait for perfect conditions, you will fish less, catch less, and find more crowds than fish.

Tight lines, SOON!

Montana Grant

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