By Montana Grant

Posted: June 21, 2018


This year’s Montana winter and consistent rains have kept most Montana Rivers high, cold, and off color. Many are unfishable. There is a bright side to our rivers being unfishable and full.

Few fish are getting caught! This means more and bigger fish later this season. Now is normally prime time for guides and fishing pressure.  Guide trips are limited to lakes, smaller creeks, and local ponds. The primary rivers have some boats on them, but fishing is tough.

In the interim, fish are growing, protected, and mortality is low. Whirling disease issues are being limited thanks to the high waters. Silt is being washed away from breeding gravels along the rivers. The trash and debris are also being flushed down the watersheds.

Fishermen also have more time to tie flies, prepare their gear and tackle, and finish any home projects that may interfere with future fishing plans. You can prep the drift boat, inspect the trailer, clean your fly line, organize your vest and get ready to catch some fish soon.

The hatches will still happen and may last longer this season. Forest fires will be less likely. Montana is greener now than it has been in many years. Relax and get ready for the great fishing coming soon.

Go with the flow!

Montana Grant

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