A Super Salmon Weekend on Fort Peck!
By angelamontana

Posted: July 30, 2018

The weekend for The Salmon Slayer, Bill Zahradka, and his brother, Dale, started out with 10 salmon boated on Friday. It got better on Saturday when his niece Brittney and her boyfriend joined them on the waters of Fort Peck. Sunday, it slowed down a little for the salmon, as they were off the water by noon.

All in all, they caught, kept and released over 30 salmon, as the bite was on. Most of the salmon that they have caught  weighed under 8 pounds, except for the 27 pound salmon that Brittney caught on Saturday. Most of the time, The Slayer  fished 75-80 feet down over 90-160 of water pulling a Brad’s Cut Bait. Blue seemed to be the ticket for most of the weekend, but all the downriggers were producing, according to Zahradka.