By Montana Grant

Posted: July 7, 2018

Montana Rivers have many unique names. Each river has a story to tell besides the ones about the fish we catch. Maybe these stories will make for some fun conversation while you are waiting for the next bite.

Many of us have fished the “Buluhpa’ashe” river in Montana. Maybe you know it instead as the “Plum River”. Still not ringing a bell? When Lewis and Clark made their way through the west, they renamed this famous river the Judith River, after Clarks future wife Julia Judith Hancock.

The Bighorn River got its name from Lewis and Clark, since they shot and ate several Bighorn Sheep along its banks. The waters were muddy and warm. No trout were in these waters. Trout exist there today only because of the cold-water release from the Bighorn River dam.

The Marias River is also named after Lewis’s cousin, Maria. He thought that he may have been in love with her, “although it’s muddy waters hardly compare with the pure celestial virtues and amiable qualities of that lovely fair one.” This is what happens when you are away from home for so long.

On one campsite in central Montana, Lewis and Clark feasted on freshwater mussels. Yep, you guessed it, the Musselshell River was named. They also found this river to be full of beavers.

Fortunately, the Lewis and Clark expedition had a fine gunsmith in their ranks. John Shields kept every firearm operational for the entire trip. They returned with every gun that they started with! For his wonderful service, the Shields River is named in his honor.

I think I have a bite!

Montana Grant

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