By Montana Grant

Posted: July 1, 2018

Big Sky Country is in the crosshairs as a destination for technology themed companies. Our wonderful public spaces provide inspiration for techies. Attracting, recruiting, and retaining tech talent is made easier by inviting techies to work and play in Montana.

Folks are finding Montana the perfect place to work and play. Much of Montana industry and business relies upon the outdoors to make a profit. Hunting, fishing, skiing, boating, and all outdoor sports are best done in Montana. Thanks to technology, many employees can now work from home and play afield.

 Tech communities are sprouting up all over Montana. Homes for employees and the company headquarters are being built together. Lasers, gambling machines, fiber optics, credit card processors and other unique technology companies are making Montana their home.

Tech produces well paying jobs. This economic growth is increasing 9 times faster than the rest of our state’s economy. Tech sectored companies generated 1.7 billion in revenue last year. 1200 new jobs will be added this year and increase wages by 5% this year.

Counties with the highest amounts of public lands are growing the fastest. The wonderful rural, and open spaces provide inspiration and innovation to these companies. Employee wellness is critical and important for happy and healthy businesses. There are real rewards and benefits for businesses located near wild, open spaces.

Happy employees are more creative, productive, and efficient. Montana needs appreciative, respective, and proactive advocates for our wild public places. High tech jobs pay well and leave a minimal physical footprint. Citizens that appreciate our wonderful outdoor heritage are welcome additions to our sportsmen population.

Public lands bring sportsmen together!

Montana Grant

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