By Montana Grant

Posted: July 29, 2018

Tippet material is essential to the end of your fishing line. Whether fly or spin fishing, tippet can add strength and a stealthy presentation.

Proper knots are important!  Practice tying knots using yarn or heavy mono. With repetition, you will become faster. Lick the fine knots before you tighten them to reduce heat and friction. All knots weaken your line, so a proper knot is essential.

Tippet helps when using spin tackle as well.   Try attaching a small barrel swivel to the end of your spin fishing line. Now add fluorocarbon tippet. It is thinner, stronger, and near invisible.

Fluorocarbon tippet has great advantages and a couple flaws.    This type of tippet is thinner and stronger. It also ties good knots. It is perfect for nymphing and subsurface applications. Do not use it for dry fly fishing. It’s dense, heavy nature causes it to sink below the surface and drag your dry fly with it.

Clinch knots are best!  This knot, tied properly, is a great connection. Saliva the knot before securing. Clip the tag. An improved clinch knot can cut itself.

Blood knots connect line to line the best!   This may be one of the hardest knots to tie. Because of that, many anglers tie a Surgeon’s Knot because it is easier. The rough and bumpy Surgeons Knot is also weaker and inconsistent. Practice the Blood Knot using heavy yarn or line that is two different colors. With practice, you will master this stronger knot and loose fewer fish.

Keep your tippet out of the sun!   Sunlight degrades fishing line. Hanging tippet from your vest gradually ruins this expensive material. Use the secure zipper pocket inside the vest to store tippet. Older tippet is weaker. Buy fresh, quality tippet annually. This is not the part of fishing where you want to get cheap.

Tippet spools are more expensive than regular fishing line. This is because they are made differently. Tippet is guaranteed to be the same pound test from one end to the other. Regular line varies a few pounds.

Tippet is the terminal end to your fly. This is the point of the spear where all the action starts. Make proper tippet and knots the first thing you consider.

Tight Tippets!

Montana Grant

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