Bear Spray vs Gun, which is better?
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: October 9, 2018

As hunters prepare for general season to open weekend after next, FWP is issuing warnings about being bear aware. Two maulings in Wyoming have already occurred. One was fatal for a person, and three bears involved in the two attacks have also died.

The Be Bear Aware campaign is reminding people to Be Bear Aware this fall. The group is honest about what bear spray can and cannot do. As the group notes, no person is making the guns vs. bear spray argument. Knowledge of proper use of bear spray is about having options if a bear encounter does occur.

The following slide show was prepared by the group.


Be Bear Aware Director Chuck Bartlebaugh said there has been more than once instance like the one below, where someone was shot accidentally during a bear attack.

So what can hunters do to help prepare? Take proper precautions!


Happy hunting! Hunters seeking more information can visit Chuck Bartlebaugh can be contacted at 406-239-2315