By Montana Grant

Posted: October 13, 2018

Every once in awhile I see a Tat that I may even have done. Currently Montana Grant is Tat Free but… Like Muhamad Ali said, “I am just too pretty!”

Tats tell stories, show accomplishments and share memories. Sure, there are some stupid Tats, but most people simply adorn themselves with something fun that they can live with. If not, then hopefully there will be some technology in the future to erase poor Tat choices.

This Tat shares the love of hunting between a Dad and Daughter. Hunting and fishing bring families close together. We need more time together outdoors. This is where we encourage, give advice, and celebrate success. Sometimes just being together surrounded by nature is enough.

Outdoor sports are where we go to recharge, relax, and rejoice. Life today is so busy and challenging. Technology, single parents, drugs, bullying, and volumes of other obstacles clutter our lives. Heading outdoors simplifies things. Our senses take over and we plug into the sounds, smells, sights, feels, and thrills of nature.

And maybe a nice Tat reminds us of fond outdoor memories.

Montana Grant

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