Have you been Mouflon Sheep Hunting?
By angelamontana

Posted: November 14, 2018

My favorite thing about this website is that I get to read about everybody’s hunting/fishing/trapping experiences and also share my own.  So, here’s something pretty cool that happened yesterday I want to share.

I had another birthday yesterday and was graced with one of the most awesome presents I have ever received–a paid-in-full mouflon sheep hunt.  But wait–there’s more!  I was also comped a taxidermy mount by the best taxidermist I know, Kurt Kohn with Kurt Kohn Taxidermy.  My incredibly fabulous husband surprised me with this, and I love surprises that involve hunting.

The hunt is coming up in early December, and I cannot wait!  I have never hunted mouflon sheep, nor have I even heard of them until this year, but they are stunning animals, in my opinion. A buddy of ours has gone before and shared some info.

I haven’t completely decided which rifle I’m going to use yet, but the countdown is on!

SO AWESOME! I’m stoked!