By Montana Grant

Posted: November 11, 2018

Everyone can use an extra hand. Having a little extra muscle and company makes for a better day. Hunting, fishing, tree cutting, and outdoor recreation is always a perfect excuse to bring along a Little Buddy!

Kids learn by example and ‘Hands On Experience’. If you hope your child or friend will one day be a good companion, start them off early. Make sure that they are comfortable with the right gear. Cold kids mean too much sitting in the truck or at camp.

Give the kids a responsibility. Let them be the official something. Give them a pair of binoculars so they can be your Spotter. Let them carry a game pack with gutting gear, lunch, or other needed stuff. If they have a responsibility, they have a purpose, and you have a Buddy!

When I was hunting with my Daughter, years ago, she was scanning a forest for a deer. I taught her how to use a compact pair of binoculars and had her assigned to my right flank. “Daddy, I see a BIG BUCK over there.” Yea sure, I thought. After 2 or 3 more warnings from her, sure enough I turned and saw a Big Buck looking at us! Needless to say the buck quickly spooked and I never ignored her information again.

My Dad allowed me to first hunt with a BB Gun. It helped me learn proper gun safety, responsibility, and one-shot accurate shooting. I still managed a few rabbits and game birds. No shotgun or rifle until I was 18 years old! Once in awhile he allowed me to blast a bottle or stump, with his gun, for practice. That practice was so exciting and fun. On my birthday, he bought me an Ithaca Model 37 12 Gauge shotgun. It is still my favorite and most reliable gun.

When my Dad took me fishing, I was the official Netter. I carried the net with pride and he allowed me to net every fish. I was not perfect but got better with experience. He may have cussed a few times when I lost a fish but usually, we were a team or “Limit Gitters”.

Outdoor recreation is the perfect way to Baby Sit. You will not get as much done but you will accomplish some things. Most importantly, you will make wonderful memories for a future outdoor Buddy!

Welcome to the outdoors!

Montana Grant

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