Reminder of Recently Changed Snowmobile-Use Dates in Little Belts, Castles, and North-half of Crazies
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: November 23, 2018

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, MONT., November 7, 2018—In March 2018 a travel plan errata was signed to revise authorized use-dates for snowmobile use in the Little Belt, Castle, and (a portion of) Crazy Mountain ranges on the east-side of the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest (HLC).

The Errata was developed to clarify the language specific to the type of snowmobile travel and associated use-dates that was written in the 2007 Travel Management Plan Record of Decision for the Little Belts, Castles, and north-half of the Crazies. The direction, as specified in the errata, specifically states that “snowmobile use cross country, and on roads and trails, is authorized only during the period December 1st – May 15th of each year.” This clarification was necessary to improve safety conditions and avoid conflicts between wheeled vehicles and snowmobiles using the same routes at the same time.

Specifications of authorized snowmobile use on national forest system lands were needed due to the ambiguity related to early snow and road conditions for wheeled vehicles—terms that were described, but not clearly defined in the 2007 travel management plan and Montana State Law. The Errata more clearly defined the use as it relates to those terms, and extended the use-dates to May 15th.

For more information, the Errata to the 2007 Travel Management Plan Decision is posted on the Forest website at: and click on the “Decision” tab to read the Errata.

Navigation to the project document is: and then click “Land and Resources Management,” “Projects,” scroll to the bottom and select “Project Archive” and then from the list, select “Little Belt, Castle, North-Half of Crazy Mountains Travel Management Plan.”

If you have questions about authorized snowmobile use in these mountain ranges, contact the Belt Creek White Sulphur Springs offices at 406-236-5511 (Neihart) or 406-547-3361 (White Sulphur Springs).