Fishing Superstitions
By angelamontana

Posted: December 28, 2018

Luck. That is what fishing is all about to some…to others, it is skill….and others, it is doing certain things that might increase your chances of catching fish.  The definition of a superstition is “a widely held but unjustified belief in supernatural causation leading to certain consequences of an action or event, or a practice based on such a belief.” There are a ton of fishing superstitions and old wives’ tales out there, and many people religiously believe in them while others, not so much.  Have you ever heard of any of these, or do you have your own superstitions?

A cloudy day is a good time for fishing. 


A fisherman always throws the first fish he catches back in the water for luck.


A good time to go fishing is when you see a chicken oiling its feathers.


A rabbit crossing your path when you are going fishing is a sign of bad luck that day.


After you have put a worm on the hook, spit on it for good luck.


Always fish against the wind for luck. 


Carry a fishing pole into the house before you start on a fishing trip and you will not catch any fish.


Catfish bite well when it thunders. 


Chew anise and spit on your fishing hook for good luck.


Do not fish when the wind is in the west; the fish will not bite.


Fish become excited and bite well when it is raining.


Fish bite best (in daytime) during the dark of the moon because they cannot see in the dark of the moon and are hungrier.


Fish bite best (at night) on the increase of the moon.


Fish bite best at night during full moon. 


Fish bite best at night, and if you play a fiddle or guitar, the fish just can’t stay in the water but will come to the top because they love the music of a fiddle or guitar.


Fish bite best when there is a good soft wind from the south or southeast.


Fish bite well when it is thundering. 


Fish can see upward, but cannot see downward.


Fish do not bite when the wind is in the south. 


Fish for the first time in the season on Good Friday and you will be lucky at fishing all year.


Fish on the west side of the bank, if the wind is in the west.


Fish when the sign is in the “feet’ for luck. 


Fish will not bite if it thunders. 


Fish will not bite if you use a bright cork on your line.


Fish with three or five lines, never with one line, to catch the most fish.


Fishing on Friday is unlucky. 


Fishing with crossed lines is unlucky. 


Go fishing just after a hard rain. 


Good days to fish are the 17th and 18th of the month.


If a dragon fly lights on the cork quit fishing for you will catch nothing.


If a fisherman goes out to fish, he should always pray/ For perpetual sunshine that will not fade away/ And he will have good luck all day.


If a person goes fishing every Sunday, someday he will catch the devil on his hook and be snatched off the bank into the water and may drown.


If a rain comes slowly and falls gently, fish will continue to bite.


If fish flop out of the water, fishing is no good, because they are not hungry and will not bite.

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