By Montana Grant

Posted: December 8, 2018

Many folks go ice fishing and not catching. Freezing fishing on Hard Water is not everyone’s “Cup of Tea!”  One thing that will make you successful at catching is a sharp hook!

Sharpening your hooks for all kinds of fishing will triple the action you are currently getting. Not only will a sharp hook penetrate the cartilage of a fish’s mouth easier, it is also easier to remove. Sharpen hooks before and during your fishing. Even new hooks are not as always sharp as they need to be.

A fish’s mouth is made of material like your fingernails. Any hard surface will dull a sharp hook. Snags, rocks, and even getting stuck on the ice will bend over the fine sharp end of your hook. It may look fine to the naked eye but try looking at it with a magnifier.  You will see the dull tip quickly.

Ice fishing bites are often miniscule. If you are not looking, you may miss them. A sharp hook will help put the point into the fish’s mouth. Freezing cold lakes and rivers will limit the amount of time you have to fish. Follow the directions on the package. Sharp hooks will help you spend your time catching and less time fishing.

If you are missing strikes or losing fish, sharpen the hook. It is amazing how fishermen deal with so many other things about fishing and never consider a sharp hook.

I prefer the pen type of hook sharpener. It has a diamond coated abrasive surface with a groove that is perfect for small ice jigs. The cap is worthless. I throw it away and drill a hole in the handle. Now you can attach a cord and pin to the sharpener. They only cost about $8 but no one wants to lose their gear.

It is amazing how few fishermen use a hook sharpener. I rarely see any fisherman using one. As a guide, I would give clients a new one at the end of the day. It would be modified as I described and often invited a bigger tip.

Get the point!

Montana Grant

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