By Montana Grant

Posted: February 17, 2019

2018 was the fourth warmest year on record. 2016 was the warmest with 2015, 2017 in that order.

NASA and NOAA climate gurus presented this data and predict that this year could also be a record breaker. Average temperatures in 2018 averaged 58.42 degrees. That was up 1.42 degrees than the 20th century average.

Climate Change is real, but the causes may not be as obvious. More than one issue is involved. Many of our pollution issues today are less significant than they were last century. We still need to be diligent with keeping our environment healthy. Minimizing humans’ footprints on the environment is always a good idea.

Some of the biggest issues for Climate control are out of our control. The sun has been more active and increased in temperature over the past few decades. This is not unusual but does impact our Earth’s weather and climate. Solar flares have been larger, hotter, and more frequent.

The magma in Earth’s core has also been more active. Our magnetic poles are changing due to the heat and current changes beneath the Earth’s crust. Yellowstone Park and other areas with thin crusts are showing more seismic activity.

A few decades of data cannot tell the full story, patterns, or predict future outcomes. The Earth has been changing for millions of years and will continue to do so. More research and data are needed to be able to make reasonable predictions.

Some want to blame these changes on fossil fuels, human pollution, and other manmade issues. If it was only that easy. The blame game supports economic business, political agendas, and control over energy uses. The truth is that the Earth will change despite of what we do or don’t do.

Caring for the Earth is still important. We all need to respect and be responsible for our wastes, trash, and impact on our planet. Growing populations only make this harder. Education helps us understand better. Recycling, smarter energy use, less pollution, and addressing trash and our oceans are all good ideas.

We are not the only reason why our weather and climates are in flux.

Montana Grant

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