By Montana Grant

Posted: February 16, 2019


Keeping reels and strike indicators attached to the rod may require some help.

Cold temperature causes reel handles to shrink. There is nothing worse than waiting in the cold for a bite and when you get one, the reel falls off the rod. Many cork handled rods simply have two rings that secure the reel. Wrap the rings with electric tape to keep the reel secure.

If you have a choice of rods, use rods with a screw down reel seat. No tape will be needed. I still prefer 4-6-foot rods when ice fishing. The longer the rod, the quicker you can set the hook. It also allows you to get further from the hole, so you don’t spook the fish. Longer rods also make fighting bigger fish easier.

Strike indicators that are made of flat flexible metal or wire can also be attached using electric tape. It may not last for the season, but it will get you through the day. You can also use Shrink tape or tubing to secure these indicators or the occasional guide. Simply use a match or lighter with the tape to secure them.

If you get a cut from the sharp fins or teeth of a pike or perch, wrap some Duct tape around the wound. The adhesive will help reduce bleeding and keep the wound clean. Once home, wash and dress the wound properly.

There have been some windy days where I wish I could tape myself down to the ice.

Fish securely!

Montana Grant

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