By Montana Grant

Posted: February 21, 2019


Moving around on the ice requires taking along some gear. A sled is a perfect way to haul your gear and provide other advantages.


Fishermen need their stuff. Ice fishing means an auger, hole cleaner, rods, bait, lunch, buckets, fish finders, and maybe a shanty tent. A decent sled will allow you to haul everything you may need. A flat-bottomed toboggan style sled works best when snow is on the ice. Ski or runner sleds are fine on clean ice but will not work well in deep snow. Try waxing the bottom of the sled to allow it to slide easier. Use a longer pull rope for easier effort.


Carrying a throw rope, extension pole, or other safety gear is easier if you have everything on and in your sled. The sled itself can be slid to a victim that has broken through the ice. Being hands free when walking your sled helps you to keep your balance.

Rod holder

Having rod holders attached to your sled will keep rods from tangling. Carry extra pre-rigged rods for quicker lure change. Simply grab another rod. You can also carry your gaff or hole ladle in these tubes.

Bucket holder

Add a box and cut a hole into it to support your bucket. Once at your site, simply pull the bucket out and sit. The sled can also be a perfect sitting platform.

Auger Hauler

Make the sled box so that you have room to haul your auger. The bucket can lift out when the auger is slid into the box. Keep all your gear balanced for a smooth pull.

Everyone has their custom gear, fish finders, and food needs. Fishermen that need a protected fishing tent can adjust their rig as needed. Many clam shell style portable shanties have a sled built into their rigs.

Customize your sled to fit your fishing and comfort needs. A bigger sled distributes weight easier, makes the day more comfortable, and can also hold bigger fish!

Haul Away!

Montana Grant

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