By Montana Grant

Posted: February 1, 2019

Is always friendly with talent! Whether we are talking about hunting, fishing, love, or any success, Luck is a result of talent. To craft your talent, you need to be a student of the sport.

Winter is a good time to practice your talent. Take the off season to enhance your skills and learn new things. Plan new destinations, adventures, and challenges. Doing the same old stuff, the same old way will not improve your luck or skills.

Fly fishermen should be researching new waters to fish. Start tying the flies you plan to use plus a few dozen new flies. Increasing your arsenal of flies is a great way to change your luck.

Hunters should be planning this year’s opportunities. When you get your next seasons licenses, start acquiring permission on private land. Also begin looking at remote public options. Once the weather allows you to explore, start scouting.

Hooking up with new friends will give you a Wingman to share in the luck. Sporting alone is not as much fun. Having a companion doubles your luck.

Luck happens when preparation, practice, and opportunity come together. It doesn’t just happen.

Good Luck!

Montana Grant

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