By Montana Grant

Posted: February 3, 2019

Campfires on the deck are fun! Keeping your deck spark and fire free can be a challenge. In the winter, we often avoid campfires since the fire pit is covered in snow or back in the yard. Try making your campfire a bit closer.

Eventually, I plan to build a huge backyard fire place with a Pizza oven built into it. That will be this summers project. In the interim, I wanted a fire place on the deck where I could stay warm while grilling or drying off after a spa soak.

I made my base out of ½ inch plywood and added 5 wheels to it. Next, I made a frame around the base and added river rocks to it. The rocks I used tended to be flatter and not fatter. The premade metal firepit fits in the center. Now I can use the Mobile firepit wherever I want. It is heavy enough that the wind does not move it but light enough so that I can.

You can adjust the fireplace to the wind where it is needed. I can also move it to shovel any snow. S’mores are easier year around, even in the snow!

Enjoy your fires on the deck!

Montana Grant

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