By Montana Grant

Posted: February 2, 2019

Fishing rods should make you a better fisherman. Using a rod that is matched to the conditions on hand is fun. The reel, line, and rod should work together with the fisherman for a perfect hook up.

To make the best rod choice, you need to focus on 3 things. Action, Weight, and Power.


Action is how the rod bends and unbends. A Fast Action rod flexes and bends mainly at the top end of the rod. A medium action rod will bend more down toward the middle and a slow action rod will bend into the handle. Fast Action rods are best for jigging, spinning, and casting. Medium Action rods are better for crank baits and when a cushion is needed from hard strikes. Slow Action rods are best for live baits.


This Is the actual rod strength. It may range from Ultra-Light to Ultra Heavy. Rods can have the same action but different powers. Ex; A light, fast action spinning rod may be perfect for 6 lb. test and jigging versus a fast action rod that holds 20-pound test line for 2-ounce jigs. Rods can have the same purpose but very different strengths.


This measures the overall rod weight in ounces. Lighter rods tend to weigh less and will be more sensitive. In order to build a smaller and lighter weight rod, more advanced rod materials may be needed. This will often increase the costs.

A comfortable rod will be immediately appreciated. Lighter rods can be more fun and sporting. Heavier rods can wear you out. Match your rod to your skillset and hang on.

Tight Lines,

Montana Grant

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