By Montana Grant

Posted: February 14, 2019

February is the shortest month of the year. For those of us that are not “Winter Lovers”, it could be shorter. No matter whether you like February or not, we are a short way from Spring!

If you love to ski, and snowmobile, snow shoe, or just enjoy cold and snow, time is short. Ice fishing is a wonderful way to spend some time on the ice. The vistas and beauty of Winter are also fun.

Not to offend any Snow Lovers, but I have slid on, shoveled, and chilled in enough snow this winter. There is plenty of snow pack in the mountains that will melt and fill the rivers and lakes. A longer Spring means more time to garden and landscape. Bring on Spring!!

Daylight Savings Time begins on March 10th. That means we can wake up with some sunlight again. Springing Forward is fine with many of us.

Spring formally begins on March 20th! So, in about a month, we will be enjoying our next phase of Earth’s travel around the Sun. We begin to get closer and warmer. The days will get longer and allow us to leave our caves.

It would be nice to stand in water that moves. Not wearing layers and layers of clothes would be nice, and if we have a really nice Spring, maybe we can start wearing Shorts again!


Montana Grant

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