By Montana Grant

Posted: February 23, 2019


The cold and nasty winter weather offers the perfect opportunity to tie your flies, jigs, and lures. Find what you need to be productive during the off season.

Fly Fishermen need to organize and assess their fly boxes. Get a fly box and empty it into the compartments of an egg carton. Place like flies in the same compartments. Remove damaged flies, trim off any tippet tags, sharpen the hooks, and see what you need to replace. Now make your tying list.

Spin Fishermen can do the same thing. Shine up the spinner blades, repair bent hooks, sharpen, and clean. The time you invest now will pay off later when the fish are biting. Attention to your rods and reels is also smart.

Surely you will need some caddis, PMD’s, nymphs, and your most reliable lucky flies. Get out just the materials that you will need and organize your tying bench. Never tie less than 12 flies at a time. You will discover that in that dozen flies, some will be great and others not so much. These can become giveaways or backup flies. Use the time wisely so you don’t need to buy more, tie more, or quit fishing.

Always try to invent or discover new patterns. Tie a few extra flies modeled after that special fly some guy gave you along the stream. You will be amazed when your new Killer Collection pays off.

Tie some flies for a Buddy. These personal gifts are wonderful to give and receive.

Fishing season is just around the corner!

Montana Grant

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