HOOKIN UP #1 !!!
By Montana Grant

Posted: March 16, 2019

Soon the ice will melt and flowing, or open water will become the norm once again. Ice fishing has been great, but it is time for a change of scenery. This series of “Fishing Tips” articles will be for those fishermen that want to catch more fish!


Few fishermen do it but sharpening your hooks will triple your hook ups! Most naysayers brag that “I only use new hooks out of the pack!” Some guys spend big bucks on “Laser Sharpened hypodermic kryptonite lip ticklers”! The truth is that every hook could use a little sharpening love. Big hooks need a file, smaller hooks are best sharpened by a diamond coated and grooved sharpening tool.

If you are missing strikes and losing fish, sharpen your hook.

If you don’t believe me, try sharpening your rigs but not your partners. After a few trips, you tell me. Plugs, spinners, jigs, and lures seem to get the least attention but need the most love. Maybe shine up the blades with a dap of tooth paste or steel wool. Much of this pointed maintenance can be done at home.

One day on the Yellowstone River, I was guiding a couple from Arkansas. The husband bragged about being an expert fisherman. We were using hoppers against the bank. The trout were short striking or barely taking the hoppers. Several fish were lightly hooked and lost before the net.

Since the husband already knew everything, I attended to his wife’s needs. Her new fly had hit a few snags and rocks and had a dull hook. A few strokes on the sharpener and her next strike was on the hook! She continued to fill the net with several more fish in quick order. After the 10th picture, her husband was ready to learn a new tip! I showed him how to sharpen his hook and he was back in the game.

Get the point?

Montana Grant

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