By Montana Grant

Posted: March 23, 2019


The longer the rod, the longer your lever! A fishing rod is a simple tool. Your hand and reel are positioned at the Fulcrum. Let the rod do the work.

Playing big fish on a longer rod will tire out the fish faster. The reel also needs a great drag to help you beat the fish during the battle. Fish must bend a longer rod which tires them out quicker. Guiding a big fish toward the boat, net, or shore is easier with a longer rod.

The faster you land the fish, the better it is for Catch and Release. If you are taking longer than 4 minutes to land a fish, the fish is less likely to survive. They may swim away after you unhook them and take a gazillion pictures but … Lactic acid builds up in the muscle of the fish and will eventually weaken the fish. This acid also impacts the flavor of the fish. Your fish will taste n=better if you quickly catch, kill, and put them on ice.

Long rods also help with longer and more accurate casts. Practice casting in your yard. Try putting a dummy lure into a 5-gallon bucket at 20 yards. Use your short rod, then a longer one. Point the tip of your rod at the bucket when casting. Learn to make your first cast your best cast!

Long rods also set the hook more quickly and effectively. The extra length is more efficient and faster when hooking up. Also consider the stiffness of your rod and match it to the species you are targeting.

Fish hard, fish harder!

Montana Grant

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