NW Montana Fishing Report by Snappy’s Sport Senter 3.11.19
By angelamontana

Posted: March 13, 2019

Temps are slowly rising causing snow and ice to melt. Use EXTREME CAUTION around shore lines and for methane pockets as these will open up first. Snow is predicted and will cover these openings.

Ashley Lake
The Salmon bite is still going well and should continue through the month. Use a white and pink Hali tipped with pink maggots for best results.

Blanchard Lake
Find Crappie suspended about 6’ below the ice in 14-16’ of water. Try glow Demon jigs with wax worms early AM and late PM. Perch have been caught in 8’ of water on the bottom in thick weed beds.

Church Slough
Reports of open methane pockets so use caution. First just below the ice as most species are suspended. Good tackle to use is Pete’s Sassy Stingers for Perch and Crappie.Lake Blaine
Salmon fishing has been great. Use a Swedish Pimple and a Rat Finke Dropper with maggots and work the entire water column. Pike fishing is good with tip ups and frozen bait. Also use salmon patterned jigs with Smelly Jelly.Echo Lake
Salmon and Whitefish have been slow. Jig for Bass in 25-30’ of water using orange Forage Spoon with maggots. Lots of smaller Perch in shallower water.

Flathead Lake
The lake is frozen over for the most part. All boat launches are frozen as well. Spring Mac Days starts soon, so grab your auger and head to Somers bay where decent Lakers are being caught. Always check changing ice conditions!

Lake Mary Ronan
Perch have been sporadic the last month. On a slow day, downsize jigs like a Diamond Head or Gill Pill. Focus on 16-18’ and work the bottom hard. Salmon bite has been slowly picking up. Use pink pattern of Trick Tackle Tungsten Jigs for best results.

Little Bitterroot
Salmon bite is still doing well for most anglers. Success varies from depths of 40-180’ of water. Larger Zrays are popular attractors for going deep. Many colors of Rat Finke Droppers are working as well.

Lower Stillwater
Lots of snow and thick ice so snow mobiles are best mode to get around. NW of islands in 12’ of water is excellent for Perch. A few smaller Pike using smelt on a Pike Rig and tip up.

Fish for Lakers in deeper pockets off transition areas. Jig and hit the bottom with Berkley Buck Tail Jigs tipped with cut bait. Slam bottom 4 or 5 times and slowly raise up around 12” for best results.

Smith Lake
Lots of snow and very thick ice. Perch fishing is slowly picking up. Downsizing jigs works best. Pike are always biting on Twister Tails and cut bait.

Thompson Chain
Snow is still deep so stay on main trails. Middle is doing well for Perch in 50’ of water. Salmon is slow but picking up. Crystal is best for Salmon. Lower is OK for Pike fishing.

Whitefish Lake
From State Park, go out 300-400yds to find drop offs and fish the bottom using 1oz DoodleBugs from Zimmer Tackle. Add cut bait for best results.

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(feature photo via https://www.flickr.com/photos/setholiver1/6792490985)