NW Montana Fishing Report by Snappy’s Sport Senter 3.19.19
By angelamontana

Posted: March 21, 2019
The fish are biting out there!  Here’s the latest from Snappy’s Sport Senter in Kalispell:
Ashley Lake
Salmon fishing is doing well. Fish off the boat launch on West End about 300yds out in 60’ of water. For best results, use a blue/white/pink Hali Jig tipped with maggots. Focus on 10-30’ below ice.Bitterroot Lake
Recent reports are saying Salmon are biting in various depths and areas of the lake. When fishing deep, use a #5 orange Swedish Pimple and a Rat Finke Dropper Jig. Downsize pimple when fishing shallower.Blanchard Lake
Concentrate efforts to locating thick weed bests in main body of lake for Perch. Jig slow and steady with Pete’s Sassy Stinger and a wax worm. Pike have been caught with smelt under a tip-up.

Church Slough
Many species have been caught suspended 2-6’ below ice. Crappie have been sporadic so be on the move. Use smelt on a tip up for Pike 6’ below ice. Make small cuts on sides of bait to get maximum scent in the water.Echo Lake
If you’re looking for a great spot to take the family fishing, this is a great place for small Perch. Go 30yds out in front of boat launch and use a Sitka Smelt Stick with maggots. Pike fishing is slow so search lures like a red/white Dare Devil works best.Foys Lake
Salmon fishing is productive 10-20’ below ice. Hali’s are best with maggots. Decent Rainbows are caught using VMC Tingler Spoons.

Flathead Lake
All launches are still frozen over. Lake Trout are caught in Somers Bay way out by island in 40-60’ of water. Use a white bucktail with cut bait for best results. East Bay doing well for Perch.

Lake Five
Good Salmon fishing front of Paul’s Memorial launch. Depths vary from 20-60’ so work back and forth focusing about 15’ below ice. Use a pink/white Hali Jig with maggots. Perch are hard to find but get rewarded with pound plus fish.

Lake Mary Ronan
Perch fishing is on for about 2-3days then slows for a couple days. Be on the move on slow days and downsize bait presentation. When fishing in deeper water, look for suspended Perch. Salmon fishing has picked up before daylight.

Little McGregor
Great place for kids to catch Perch! A few decent Rainbows being caught close to shorelines or in deeper water suspended.

Lower Stillwater
Larger Perch have slowed, and they are down in thick weed cover. Downsize bait like a glow Demon and drop shot it. Smaller Pike are being caught on tip ups with whole smelt.

Smaller Lakers are found on bottom in 60’ water. Use a 3/4oz white jig head with a glow white twister tail and small ribbon of cut bait. Large Lakers can be found deeper but less abundant.

Smith Lake
Pike fishing has slowed a little. Perch are full of eggs so downsize to a Skandia Tungsten jig in a fire tiger pattern. No electronics? – Use a small bobber and set the hook on the slightest movement.

Thompson Chain
Look for suspended Perch about 30’ below ice. Perch on the bottom do best with small Demons and drop shot. Fish for Pike around bull rushes, same with Rainbows. Salmon fishing is best on Crystal in early mornings.

(photo via MORS archives-2013)