By Montana Grant

Posted: March 21, 2019

Spring is here! So is the snow, cold, and the weather that does not reflect the spring thing most of us would like. I talked to my neighbor yesterday and he said the sun is so welcome that he was ready to strip naked and lay out in the hot sun! The temp was a high of 37 degrees!

Spring is relative. If you came to Montana from a warmer climate, then this Spring sucks. If you came to Montana to ski, this Spring Rocks! Winter enthusiasts LOVE the long Winters of Montana!

What I love about Montana is the lack of a HOT and HUMID Summer! We get maybe 2 weeks when we consider getting an air conditioner. I do miss Spring flowers and more comfortable temperatures but…

Montana only has 3 seasons. WINTER, Spring, and Fall. There is not a summer. Spring starts in May. Oh well!

Spring is technically here but…

Stay warm!

Montana Grant

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