By Montana Grant

Posted: March 10, 2019

Daylight Savings Time is Sunday, March 10th! So how will you Spring Forward with your time?

More daylight helps to make us more productive. This may not be good news for you Night Owls, but us creatures of the day love the added Vitamin E! Each day adds about 5 minutes more of wonderful solar energy. Using this energy, while we are awake, is energy efficient.

How will you use your added daylight time? Going to work and coming home in the daylight are a good start. Dinner seems to get moved back since we can begin to use a little more daylight time after work. There is certainly a spectrum of outdoor chores that need to be done.

As the waters begin to flow, the snow melts, critters come back to life, we also begin to come out of our winter caves. More sun means more fun!

Your cell phones will change time automatically, but your other watches, clocks, and vehicles may require a manual touch. It seems like the car or truck clocks are the last to be changed. That will happen when you are late for a meeting, since you thought you had an extra hour.

You’re Burning Daylight!

Montana Grant

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