By Montana Grant

Posted: April 6, 2019


Seeing is believing! How many times has someone asked you if you saw that fish swim by? Maybe you lie, or maybe you try hard to see them, but the fact is you probably didn’t. If you are not using Polaroid glasses, you are missing half of the show and placing your eyes at risk.

Quality Polaroid Glasses are essential for fishermen to fish! How can you fish without seeing the fish, depth, line or lures, or behavior of a fish? Wearing quality Polaroids will allow you to see and catch more fish!

Glasses also protect your eyes! The reflected light from the sun can damage your eyes. The sharp points of hooks can skewer your eyes. Bugs and debris can also damage your eyes.

Polaroid glasses come in different colors. You may need different tints for different conditions. Brown tinted glasses are best for wooded or shaded conditions. Yellow tints are perfect for low light situations. Green tints work best on open water. Try different glasses and see what works best for you.

Protect your expensive glasses. Keep your eyewear clean, clear, and unscratched. Attach a cord or holder to allow your glasses to hang around your neck. If you set your eyewear down, you will lose it, scratch it, or damage it. Store the glasses in a protective case or hang them on a safe hook.

Clean your glasses properly. Do not wipe your glasses on your shirt, handkerchief, or greasy fingers. Hot soapy water or spray eyewear cleaners work well to clear your vision. Salt water also leaves salt residue on your gear which needs to be removed. Carry a small spray bottle and cleaning cloth in your vest or tackle box.

Open your eyes!

Montana Grant

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