By Montana Grant

Posted: April 13, 2019


Every fisherman should carry a big safety pin on their hats or vests. This simple tool has many uses.

Anglers often become Tanglers! The Safety Pi is perfect for picking the knot apart. Use the pointed und to gently pry the loops and twists in your Birds’ nests. With a little patience, you can be back in action within a few minutes. If it takes longer than that, cut the line and start over.

The key to untangling is to not allow the line to get too snug or tight. If the line is so kinked that it is snatched together, it will also be bent, damaged, and weakened. Even if you pick it apart, your line will be compromised.

Pins also work well for the occasional strap, pants, shirt, or hat malfunction. A quick pinning will hook you up for the day. Keep a safety pin hooked inside your favorite hat. Leave a small section outside your hat to add that special feather you found, for good luck.

You can also use pins to organize hooks, swivels, and other tackle. The hole end of a safety pin is also perfect for an emergency rod guide repair.

On one outing, I slipped on the bank and my left hand landed flat and firm onto a cactus! OUCH!! The safety pin came to the rescue along with my forceps.

Stay safe and tangle free with your PIN!

Montana Grant

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