By Montana Grant

Posted: May 16, 2019

So, the last few days I demoed my old shed in the yard. Whoever built it did a crappy job. 32-inch centers on 1×2 lumber. The roof was sagging under the heavy snow, the roof leaked, the floor was rotten, and it is time for a new shed.

The new Greenhouse /shed will be here in a few weeks. We all need space to put our stuff. The snow blower, mower, wheeler, and other tools need a home.

As I swung the heavy demo sledgehammer, bees and wasps were everywhere. Every nock and cranny had a nest. The insects were reluctant to say farewell to their old home. I kept a hat on and dodged the aggressive attacks from the wasps. Once the wood was in the lawn, they were still trying to find their homes. Oh well!

Plan on bees and wasps when you grab your canoes and boats this spring. The insects are quick to make a new nest and home. If you wait too long, the swarms will be even larger. If your equipment is on the ground, think vermin and snakes. These are perfect hideouts for these unwanted critters.

I was able to doge and avoid the wasp and bee drone strikes. Hope you can too!

Stay safe!

Montana Grant

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