By Montana Grant

Posted: May 5, 2019

Put some drawers into your truck bed! Organization, security, and protection make for great preparation. Having a place to keep your rods and other outdoor gear is important. Most fishing rods die when slammed into a door, slide around in the truck, or cranked into a window. Throw in some kids and dogs and your gear will take a real beating.

There are commercial drawers that you can buy for over $1000 or you can make your own. If you have a cover or cap on your truck, weatherproofing is not as important. If not, consider the rain and snow. Make sure there are some drain holes in your bed or bed liner.

Measure out the truck bed. You will need 3 2×6’s and some plywood. The lumber needs to be long enough to fit your bed and one piece for the back. When these boards are on edge, they can take a lot of weight. Screwing and gluing seals and secures the unit.

Use heavy plywood for the top. Pressure treated wood will work but you can add a heavy paint or coating if needed. I have even seen truck liner paint used for the top surface. Particle board will chip, splinter, and come apart if in the weather.

Construct your drawers out of what you have. You can hang them on rails or simply allow the drawers to slide on the bed. I covered my drawer bottoms and outer sides with heavy foam plastic. They slide easily and are also weatherproofed. Make sure that the drawers fit into the unit, so the top plywood does not drain into them. You also need to be able to close the tailgate. The drawers need to pull out completely. They can come in handy for a quick table. Once, I used a drawer as a stretcher when a lady fell off her horse. Add foldable or recessed handles to the drawers ends.

Adding some old carpet will cushion and reduce any vibrations to your gear. Allow the drawers to be long enough to fit your rods and high enough to accept the reel handles. The 2×6 boards seem a good fit.

My gear stays dry and secure. In the winter, my unit comes out and get stored. Stacked snow in the open bed will eventually melt and get everything wet. The rest of the year seems to be fine. I did cut some drain holes in my bed liner to allow heavy rain out.

Security is improved for your gear. Guns fit nicely into the drawers. Newer trucks have lockable tailgates. Attaching the Drawer Unit at the corners will keep the unit in place. I also added some hardware to strap down my dog kennels to the top. My wheeler fits nicely on top of my unit. The stored gear is out of sight and protected.

Modify your drawers to fit your needs!

Montana Grant

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