By Montana Grant

Posted: May 2, 2019

Fishing stuff is easily available. Many of our tackle boxes, vests, and boats are filled with limits of fishing Stuff. Many anglers purchase Stuff that is on sale or has some gimmick value to them. With the addition of all this Stuff, anglers bring plenty of gear to the trip but…

So, what is the Right Stuff? Do your homework first. There are plenty of YouTube videos that demonstrate tackle, rigs, tips, and tricks. Hook up with a fishing Mentor that can show you the path. Just because the Stuff is on sale at the fishing shop doesn’t mean it is the Right Stuff.

Lots of fishing Stuff is sold to attract the angler. If it seems stupid, cheapo, dumb, or weird, it probably is. Until a fish is hanging off that lure, I am not a believer.

Years ago, I went on a walleye trip to a remote lake in Ontario. We flew in by plane, so weight and gear needed to be limited. The outfitter said that the best rig was a jig head ad a worm. He has tried every other rig and that his go to rig was that simple. After a ton of research, I bought and brought an arsenal of walleye killers. Cranks, weights, spreaders, spinners, harnesses, jiggity jig this and that’s… After 3 days of pounding the lake with limited success, guess what was the ticket? We murdered the walleye where, when, and how the outfitter told us.

My point is that experience, quality and reliable information, and professional advice is money. These will identify what the Good Stuff is. Rarely is it one thing but instead is a combination of things. Line of a certain color, diameter, strength, on a certain reel and rod, using a certain size hook, lure, or rig, during a certain time of the day, at a certain place.

The Right Stuff is often the simplest Stuff. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Go with the flow and get the Stuff that others are having success with.

A big part of fishing is catching fish. Once you figure out what others are doing, you are closer to getting the Right Stuff!

Tight lines!

Montana Grant

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