By Montana Grant

Posted: June 16, 2019

Coffee is a necessary morning get us going beverage. It seems like it has been around forever. Pioneers always had a pot on the campfire, Marines brewed it up in their helmets, and the coffee kiosks are always busy.

My Mom drank coffee all day. She had an old electric percolator that was always making a Maxwell House moment. The sound of the perking coffee bubbling in the clear pot top was always fun to watch. The smell of fresh coffee filled the kitchen.

I never drank coffee until I became a teacher. My friend Tom would take me to the cafeteria each morning to plan and start our day. At some point, I drank my first cup. After that, I was hooked. Caffeine became as important as breathing. It would only take a cup or two to get me going, but without it, a headache would begin.

Over the years we drank every type of coffee. Strong, Creamered, Whiskied, sugared, hot, and cold. For many coffee was life. For me it was a tool to get me going. As we pass a Starbucks or coffee store, lines of sleep people sit in their calls waiting for their energy injection. Many are women. Each coffee craver orders something unique and special. For $10 they drive away with their prescription.

Hunting and fishing camp would not be the same without perked coffee. It tends to be stronger and somehow tastes better when atop a fire grate or on a woodstove. Waking up to the smell and sounds of perked coffee is special.

To each their own. What I have discovered is that great coffee is simple. A good roasted bean that is ground properly and effectively brewed. When done right, coffee is perfect just as it is. No additional sweeteners, fru fru flavors, milks, or yuppie add ins are needed. Just hot, black coffee. No bitter tastes, just smooth and caffeine laden wake me up!

A plain cup of good coffee can be delicious and effective at making your day.

Black coffee matters!

Montana Grant

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