By Montana Grant

Posted: June 30, 2019

So, Handy Randy and I fished Hyalite Lake today. We had high hopes of great fishing. Last year near this time I had a superb day using spinners. Now, I could be a “fisherman” and lie or tell the truth!

As a reputable outdoor writer, I feel that it is important to tell the truth. Otherwise, my writing is just BS. So here you go…WE GOT SKUNKED!

Getting Skunked is not a common event. Handy Randy and I are not crappy fishermen. Today we had a wonderful day fishing but no catching.

My excuse has to do with the spawning cycle of the resident Cutthroat Trout. They finished spawning a week or so ago and after the spawn, they rest and are not interested in feeding. Who wants to eat after just giving birth?

Anyway, we hiked all the way to the south end and tried bait, flies and spinners. Normally, it is a sly ride but… I did see some ducks, a Mama Moose and her calf, a deer, a goose, raven, and more ducks. Lots of boaters and hikers.

Two motorboats were on the water using gasoline motors which is against the rules. Hyalite Lake is Bozeman’s drinking water supply. We saw 2 police cars heading up the mountain. It pays to read the signs.

Launching a boat is easy. The water is up to the parking lot. We only saw a few fish rising and saw no one catch anything. It was crowded for a Monday and most vehicles were out of state.

A group of kids from Eagle Mount were on the water. One girl was signing constantly and knew the words to many songs.

So, rarely do I get skunked but there it is. As the local rivers clear, I plan to change that.

Montana Grant

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