By Montana Grant

Posted: June 30, 2019

Hyalite Lake and many public areas are experiencing huge disrespect. Poop is a huge problem. Whether it comes from people or pets, it is getting Pretty Poopy out there.

The other day on Hyalite Lake, we observed NIMBYS at their Poopy Best. These “Not In My Back Yard” litterbugs are just lazy. “Someone else can pick up their dogs’ crap, anything goes into a vault toilet, and trash is someone else’s concern not mine!”

Vault toilets must be pumped out. Trash thrown into the pit clogs the pumps. Would you want to clean cans, bottles, and trash out of a sewage pit? Don’t make this job nastier than it already is. Other snack and food trash were also just left on tables for someone else to clean up. In most of our parks this attracts bears and other dangerous critters. Please learn to be responsible!

Most of the cars were not Montana tags. Ignorance is no excuse when outdoors. Respect the rules. No one is any more or any less important. We all need to read the signs, know the limits and rules, and respect them.

We looked on the lake and 2 boats were using gas motors on the Bozeman water supply reservoir. Only electric motors, paddles, or oars are allowed. A Big sign is next to the boat ramps. There is no cell phone signal at Hyalite. When one person pointed this out to the motorboaters, they gave him the bird!

That’s what it means to disrespect our parks, public places, and nature.  Leave your dog crap on the trails. Throw your trash down the toilet. Use gas motors in the lake. Leave garbage on the tables and campsites. Ignore the signs, teach your kids how to be disrespectful, and poop wherever you want and leave it for all to see. Screw the rules, the park, and everyone else. So much for “Taking a picture and leaving a footprint!”

If you can’t follow the fair and necessary rules that we all need to follow, stay home and ruin your own property. Don’t trash our wonderful and beautiful public places.

All along the Lake trail we stepped over dog poop. Some was in bags and thrown into the woods hanging on signs and trees. Human waste was also just off the trail. No cat hole, no nothing. Several free running dogs were stampeding down the trail. When one dog began barking and getting aggressive, the owners had no control. Finally, they saw the open carry side arm I had on my belt. They quickly leashed their aggressive pet.

As we left the park and headed down the mountain, an FWP truck and Park Police truck were heading up. Hopefully the guy that was flipped off made a call when he had cell service. He beat us to it. I hope the gas motorboaters were ticketed. That fine money can help pay for the Poopy Problems. We all must do our part to manage our wonderful places.

Pack it in and pack it out! What is so hard about that?

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, find him respecting our parks at www.montanagrantfishing.com.