By Montana Grant

Posted: June 23, 2019


Montana has no shortage of rocks. If you don’t believe me, try t dig a hole. You will pull out more rocks than you can put back. Every river, lake, ditch, and trail are laden with rocks.

Most of Montana’s rocks are round. That means that that fishermen slip and slide often. Its like walking on bowling balls. They call them river rock. These round rocks are survivors of the ice ages when the rocks were rolled along by great layers of ice and pressure.

Round rocks are lousy for skipping stones. You need flat stones to skip across the surface of a lake. Many folks use river rocks to landscape their homes and gardens. Hopefully they put down some weed barrier before they lay in the rock. Usually rubber black edging or cement pavers form the edges.

Rocks can be useful. One time on a guide trip, we discovered we were missing the anchor. I took a canvas sack, filled it with rocks, tied off the top and we were anchor ready.

Artists are folks that see a special something on a blank canvas, chunk of clay, or in rocks. They claim the sculpture was always there, and they just had to clear away the pieces. Native peoples created rock art as well. They must have some bad fishing days too.

Many of us have seen River Art along our watershed banks. Large rock images, dozens of stacked piles of rocks, rock thrones, and stick and rock sculptures seem to show up each season. I guess the fishing was so poor that they needed to play with rocks instead.

With all the round rocks in Montana, maybe we should be the home of Rock and Roll!

Montana Grant

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