By Montana Grant

Posted: June 1, 2019


The first time is always the best! Our best first memories come from activities and events that WE DID on our own. Sure, you may have done some homework or were tutored but only hands on experience makes for a lasting memory.

Mentors and sages are often the catalysts for your first time to catch a fish or fill a tag when hunting. Their experience and wisdom are priceless. Their personal attention and tune ups make for a fun and successful adventure.

Here are a few tips to make the Mentor can use to make for a successful “Mentee!”

Let them do it!    Even if the fish gets off or the critter gets spooked, there is more to learn from a big fat mistake than a success. We do not learn from successes.

Set the stage for Success.   Hunt or fish on days that are more comfortable and reasonable. Do not choose a blizzard, rainy, or freezing cold weather pattern.

               Show them then leave them alone.    Tell them once, show them once, have them demonstrate once, then let them figure it out. Don’t hold their hand. Move off to the side and discreetly watch them. Remember that you can build skills from complimenting what the Mentee is doing right.

Start small before going big.    Little steps, small streams, small calibers, and ponds are easier to mange and comprehend.

               Make it FUN!   If you are not having fun, you are doing it wrong.

Remember that the Best hunters and fishermen are the ones that can teach their skill to others.

Montana Grant

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