By Montana Grant

Posted: July 27, 2019

No one chooses to tie a crappy fishing knot and lose a fish of a lifetime. The problem is that many fishermen simply don’t know which knot to use and how to tie a proper knot.

Technology today is amazing. I am always amazed at how many fishermen have the perfect boots, vests, rods, hats, and gear but do not know how to use it. This is even more sad when you can quickly discover video presentations from YouTube that show you how. If you fail to take advantage of it, shame on you.

Knots connect the fisherman to the hooked bait, fly, or lure. Why wouldn’t you know how to tie a proper knot? Your outfit and gear will look better in your selfie if you land a fish because you learned how to tie a proper knot.

There are a few basic knots that every fisherman should know.

               Clinch Knot    For mono line, this is a standard knot. A improved clinch knot may also be helpful.

               Blood Knot    All fly fishermen must learn to connect tippet t o their leaders. Many use the inferior Surgeon’s Knot since it is a simpler but weaker knot.

               Uni knot   Braid line fishermen need a secure and sturdy knot to keep this slick line from slipping

These are not the only Knots we should know but… Depending upon your tackle, fishing area, and needs, other knots may also be relevant. Snell knots, Bimini Twists, Double Uni Knots, etc. The best knot is the one that does not break when you hook a fish.

You can’t blame a lost fish on your rod, vest, boots, or hat. Blame it on yourself for not tying a proper knot!

Stay tied up!

Montana Grant

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