By Montana Grant

Posted: July 21, 2019


Everyone loves Pizza! We all have our favorite Pie Place where the sauce is just right, and the crust is perfect. For many of us, the crust makes the Pizza. A true yeast crust that rises, bubbles, and gets golden brown is the ticket. This style crust is more like bread so…

Next time you grill, try using a “Boboli Crust”. These premade bread crusts come in thick, thin, and mini sizes. They are sturdy and tasty. Flatbreads and English Muffins will work as well. The trick is to cook the crust then load the Pizza with your sauce and goodies.

You will need a “Peel”. This giant spatula allows you to move a whole Pizza at one time. Wipe some light olive oil onto the wood to keep it fresh. You can make them from metal, but a wood peel works fine and does not stick.

A Baking Stone is also a good idea. This round flat stone can be left inn the grill and heats before you place a Pizza crust onto it.

The small Pizza crusts are great for parties. Using these personal Pizzas, folks can add whatever toppings they choose. You will be limited in Pizza size by the size of your grill. Smoker grills add a unique flavor to your pie. A propane or charcoal grill can work well if you use the round stone.

Spray the crust with olive oil and add to the grill. High heat is best. In about 5 minutes, the crust will be ready to load up with toppings and sauce.

Remove the Pizza with your Peel and add the sauce. Remember that the thicker the lotion of sauce and toppings, the longer it will take to bake. Once loaded, use the Peel to return the Pizza to the grill. Check the Pizza every few minutes and rotate it using the Peel to make sure the pie is getting evenly cooked.

When the cheese begins to brown, the Pizza is done. Remove the pie and put it into a pan. Now is the time to cut it. I also add a sprinkle of Parmesan.

Pizza is a great meal at Hunting Camp. A Dutch Oven or two can crank out tasty Pizzas in a hurry.

That’s a spicy meatball!

Montana Grant

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